Sensations of sulfite-free wines

Visual effects

visual effects

White wines developed with WAS© METHOD show a
slightly more pronounced coloration
of the same samples developed with sulfur dioxide.
Unlike natural and organic wines, accentuation of the hue does not persist on brown shades denoting oxidation,
but shows deep yellow and slightly orange veins
making an impression of high consistency and a lively, full oxidative turgor. The hue of sparkling wines and rosé wines remains identical to samples developed with sulfur dioxide.
The shade of reds is stunning, with abundant anthocyanins
and a new, crystalline pigmentation, devoid of any oxidized garnet inflection.

Olfactory effects

A great fragrance and a grapey freshness first without any oxidized, nutty or brown note. These are the olfactory sensations that characterize white wines developed employing the WAS© METHOD. Compared to the same whites developed with sulfur, the aroma is devoid of the spicy, smoky, sulfurous, chemical stamp that distinguishes sulfites wines; persuasive and clear it brings out each different varietal of the grape so that is in no way covered by any superimposed notes. The residual oxidative integrity is impressive;
WAS© METHOD protects the native aroma
from oxygen degradation with absolutely crystalline effectiveness. The same applies for sparkling wines, passito wines and rosé wines. The oxidative-olfactory integrity of reds developed using the WAS© METHOD is even exalting. Authentic fruit-wines preserving the pulpiness of fruit with absolute expressive originality.

Olfactory effects ok
Taste effects ok

Gustatory effects

The clearer and less sulfurous the scent, the purer, balanced, and not bitter the taste.
Whites developed with WAS© METHOD turn out to be very persuasive; no longer smoky-spicy they flaunt more fragrance on the palate, a more harmonious succession of acidity and softness in the mouthfeel and during deglutition they are no longer rusticomordant-spicy for the uvula. The reds are much softer and more balanced as well, with abundant naturally extracted tannins, very dense and textural but free of any bitter or spicy notes. In any wine developed with WAS© METHOD, there are clear signs of greater extractive-glyceric consistency discernible to the lingual touch compared to the same wine developed with sulfur dioxide.

Dynamic effects

Dynamic effects are undoubtedly the most exciting and surprising positive effects of WAS© METHOD on different types of wine. Let it aerate for a few minutes in the glass and/or leave bottled wines uncorked and uncapped for a few days.
While oxidative degradation of sulfur dioxide developed wines begins immediately and irreversibly;
wines developed with WAS© METHOD, even after a few hours in the glass or two days uncorked in the bottle, preserves a stainless taste-aroma as if just opened. This is the proof of the deep and long-lasting antioxidant action of our method!

Dynamic effects