The Method

The WAS© specification preserves the fruit’s organoleptic properties and the wine’s antioxidant and antimicrobial protection intact. WAS© wines are extremely high quality wines thanks to strict production specifications that deeply enhance each individual production area.

wine barrels

WAS©-labeled wines are wines with an amount of polyphenols higher than 50%, compared to traditional wines.

WAS© brand wines nullify the effects of headaches caused by the presence of sulfites in wines and they are more digestible. WAS© brand wines zero out the allergenic power resulting from the presence of sulfites in wine. The WAS© label is authorized only for wines that pass a strict control of winemaking protocols certified by independent oenological laboratories, and only after regulated quality tests. Oenological adjuvants used in WAS© specifications are in line with: European Regulations (EC) No.606/2009; Codex Alimentarius OIV (OENO 6/2008 E-COEI-1-TANNIN/INS. 181); OIV Practices (Art. 2.1-2.1.7-3.2-3.2.6) Registered at ECOCERT and NOP for Bio-Wines.



  • Elimination of added sulfites in wine;

  • Increased digestibility of wine;

  • Increased potential longevity of wine in the bottle and even once uncorked;

  • The amount of polyphenols is 50% higher than traditional wines;

  • Zeroing of the allergenic power resulting from the presence of sulfites in wine;

  • Maximum adaptability to any existing wine specification applied;

  • Complete absence of processing residues.

The Quality

The pleasure of appreciating the true qualities of a wine that, without the strong olfactory-gustatory interference of sulfur, preserves unchanged over time the organoleptic characteristics and fruity scents of the initial grapes. WAS©-labeled wines are more authentic, pure, pleasant, stable, more expressive of the “TERROIR” in order to allow the complete recognition of the efforts made by producers to respect the historical and traditional characteristics of the territories they belong to. The color is brighter, the taste clearer, the scents more intense. A different experience of the senses to discover the unexpected pleasantness offered by the great wines of our tradition.

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