At Wine WAS we wanted to be very transparent with shipping costs. No complicated table or surprises when paying for the product, but a single value according to country and type of service, with maximum clarity and transparency.


  • The shipping costs for the  delivery  are equal to € 10,00 
  • The maximum delivery time is 10 days from the date of order

In all countries outside of Italy, it is currently not possible to ship to private customers. In case your country of residence is not Italy , but you are interested in receiving products from WAS , please send an email to info@winewas.com , asking to bring WAS to your country. Wine Was has ambitions for international expansion, and your input will be important in defining the countries where to extend service with the highest priority.   

Shipping time 

Shipments in Italy are made by express courier (SDA, or other equivalent courier).

This ensures maximum reliability of delivery and extremely tight deadlines.

In general, orders received by 2 p.m., they will be prepared and entrusted to the courier on the same day, while orders received  after 2 p.m.  will be prepared and delivered to the courier the next day.
Deliveries in  Italy  are FROM THE CONFIRMATION OF THE ORDER BY EMAIL, in fact, carried out in the arc   of 3 working days  from the courier pickup.

It is understood that deliveries of Products pertaining to Orders accepted by the Company on Thursdays after 2 p.m. and on Fridays will be taken over by the courier on the following Monday in order to preserve the integrity of the Products and avoid their storage in the courier’s warehouses

Ways of preparing parcels

For us at Wine Was, shipping is a major focus. The quality of service for an e-commerce is in fact also and perhaps especially in the quality of shipping.

Therefore, we use top-quality materials for shipping, customized with our brand name, both on the boxes and on the tape. We use customized material not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to assure the customer of the quality of the shipment itself. In fact, if the package that should arrive at your home is altered, broken, or with a box or ribbon that is not personalized “WINE WAS ” it is likely that there has been some tampering with the package itself, and therefore we urge you to refuse the delivery, with the reason “Tampered Package.” An additional guarantee for our clients. 

But the most important guarantee for our customers is the delivery of products that are fresh or otherwise require low temperatures, for example, cold cuts and cheeses. Wine WAS also pays the utmost attention to the quality of these deliveries, which are made using isothermal containers made of expanded polystyrene, and in addition, to be sure that maximum freshness is maintained, we also add special cooling gel bags, which guarantee freshness. In addition, the cooling gel pouches are multipurpose, so we encourage you to put them in the freezer and use them later for your product cooling needs.